Keratin treatment It is ideal for perfect straight into the hair with the incorporation in its formula the argan oil can achieve better nutrition and restore even the most damaged hair.The Keratin Reyliff lasts up to five months in hair, It will be smooth, soft and shiny, without ironing for many months,with Reyliff Keratin you do not need to wait several days with the product in the hair like other more obsolete keratins,as being a keratin super strong is removed within 15 minutes after completing the process leaving his hair completely straight .During the duration in the hair of the keratin Reyliff you will not have to use more iron the hair its always will be smooth and straight for many months.Important, the product has an application process which must be done step by step to guarantee its excellent results, it is not a shampoo that is applied and that's it, it has a procedure which is explained on its label and in a video tutorial,any questions do not hesitate to contact us,hopefully enjoy our product and have a great day.

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